06 September 2008

Wine Update

My apple wine, the stuff I spent hours and hours preparing, is dead. It never started the airlock going, and despite all my efforts, is worthless. There is mold growing on top. This is very frustrating since I spent so much time and energy making the must. I think the only thing left to do is to chuck it out.

As for my wine by the bottle, I added more sugar today to the grape bottle to restart the yeast and re-attached the balloon. The strawberry wine is being filtered as we speak into a fresh bottle. I added a little sugar to it for taste. I'll have a sip after it's filtered to check it out.

**edited to add:
After some thought I realized I could probably strain the must and boil it then start over. This notion was confirmed by master brewer/distiller Evil Wizard. I will do that on Monday or tomorrow.

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