12 September 2008

A Note on Disappointment and Anger

I left off of writing this post for a few days because, well, I was (am) pissed off.

Sunday September 7 was Delilah's Blessing and Naming Ceremony. I wasn't able to invite a lot of my friends, due to the fact that I was supplying food and drink and cake, and felt that our family members would like to be involved with Delilah's life stages.

I was wrong.

Sunday I awoke to rain, and my grandfather calling to find out if I had an alternate location for the ceremony. I told him I didn't, that the ceremony would still be outside, but there was a covered location at the park that we could use. I told him to call me back in 2 hours and I'd let him know what was going on.

The rain stopped just before he called, and I let him know, but he decided not to come because he didn't want to get wet. Fine, he's elderly, and doesn't walk too well.

Apparently that meant that both of my aunts (his daughters), and my cousins didn't have to come either. But then, my one cousin hadn't even bothered to RSVP so I didn't expect her to show up. My other cousin, on the other hand, talked to me in the morning and said she was coming. But just didn't show.

So MY family doesn't think I'm just picking on them, Ben's grandmother didn't show up either. And not because she's feeble, or didn't have a ride: Ben's aunt Linda offered to drive her and she declined because it had been raining. And a close family friend, who Ben considers family, didn't show either.

In total, NINETEEN people who were invited didn't show up. They either didn't RSVP at all (the HEIGHT of rudeness, since all it would take was a phone call), or said they were coming and then just didn't show.

The reason I'm pissed? Because I deliberately didn't invite the friends I WANTED to invite, because I invited our family members. Who then didn't bother to show up. So I spent around 200 dollars on an event that had less than half in attendance.

I bought invitations. I had a dress custom made. I ordered a cake. I made sandwiches. My mom brought fruit. I brought soda. And 19 people didn't bother to call or email to say they weren't coming. Never mind the fact that this was an important day in Delilah's life.

Next time I'll invite my friends, the ones who I know CARE, and will come, rain or shine.

For those of you who were invited, and didn't bother to call me or email me and tell me you weren't going to make it, I hope what you ended up doing on Sunday was worth the slight you have caused me and my daughter.

I apologize deeply to any of my friends who feel left out that they weren't invited. I won't make the same mistake next time.

As it turned out, the day ended being beautiful. The sun was shining, the grass was dry, the birds were singing, and it was sunny and warm. The ceremony went wonderfully and we'll have plenty of wonderful pictures, I'm sure. Delilah's Great Aunt Linda gave her a necklace with a chai pendant (Hebrew for life), Stan and Trish and Linda gave Delilah a lovely handmade Goddess hook-rug pillow, Saphyre, Korbin and Amberle gave Delilah a gift card for Cheeky Monkey,Donna Rod and Jessica gave D a stuffed bear (I think it's homemade, too) and everyone else graced us with the gift of their presence. We love you all!

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