01 September 2008

Ditch the Disposables! (Challenge)

Yep, it's time again for another challenge with the peeps over at Crunchy Domestic Goddess. The basic idea: give up one or more disposable item for September and October in place of using more environmentally friendly options.

I've pretty much already switched (while at home, anyway) from paper tissues to using handkerchiefs or cloth wipes, and paper towels to cloth napkins. We also use cloth diapers and wipes, and cloth grocery bags instead of plastic. For this challenge, I'm going to go whole-hog and refuse to use paper towels at all (ok, maybe I'll use them for pet vomit, but that's about it, ok?) I'll also stop using my "swiffer" wipes (even though I reuse them a million times before chucking them out) and will use prefold diapers in their place and cloth wipes for dusting.

I've been toying with the idea of going to "family cloth", as in, no more toilet paper...yes, I know, some of you will think I'm nuts for considering it...but I'm still trying to work out the logistics of that one. Ben is ok with the idea, as far as I can tell. I'd have to make up a bunch of wipes for specific use, get a bucket for them to be stored in after use, and wash them separately, I'm thinking. In hot water, obviously. Maybe this challenge will be the nudge I need to get going on this. I'm thinking a dark flannel cloth, maybe?

For anyone interested in joining me and many others in this challenge, click on the button in the left sidebar and follow the instructions. Let's Ditch the Disposables!

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