09 September 2008

Plastic Soup

I was reading one of the blogs I subscribe to, 5 Minutes for Going Green and saw this shocking illustration. I knew there was a mass of plastic floating around in the ocean, but this diagram sums it up quite well. Horrifying, isn't it?

If this isn't enough to make you swear off plastic forever, I don't know what is.

Use cloth bags!

Find a place that will recycle your plastic bags! (I know Walmart does, as well as a few other places.)

It's not too late, change your habits now, Mother Earth will thank us.


Stacy said...

Question: What do you use instead of garbage bags? I understand we can recycle and compost, but...what about other things? And the bags we use to throw our garbage out are plastic too.

Berry said...

I think garbage bags are a necessary evil at the moment, as our garbage has to be bagged for the garbage guys to pick it up. As for everything else, I'm sure we can find other ways to bag our stuff. Or a way to cut down on the plastic bags we DO have to use. For example, instead of scooping cat litter every day into a grocery bag, use that bag for a whole week, or until it's full. Maybe keep it in a bucket with lid so it doesn't smell up your house (and close the bag up in between uses). Do the same for doggie poop. Do you know that NOTHIING biodegrades in landfill> so reduce the total amount of waste you throw out each week by composting, or get a worm composter. That can reduce waste by up to 40%! And you get nice, nutrient-rich compost for your gardens or flowers (or neighbours, or whoever you give it to).

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