06 September 2008

NaNoWriMo, continued

Have you ever, spontaneously, wondered to yourself, "hmmm, what is 50,000 divided by 30?"

Well, lemme tell you: the answer is 1667. As in, the number of words I will be required to write, DAILY, for one month, is one thousand six hundred and sixty-seven.


I'm not sure I can do that. What was I thinking? Is it too late to back out?

Ok, HELL no. Now the challenge is ON! My biggest competitor is myself (I'm not sure if that is normal, but whatever) and I'm not going to quit before I even start! I can do this! I'm not sure when...I mean, I DO have a 4 month old baby to raise...maybe when she naps...or after she goes to bed at night. Yes, that's it! Is two hours enough? Oh yeah, and I've recently been commissioned to create a chainmaille headdress for a friend for her wedding, which is in May. So I'll have that on a burner, too, for the month of November. But hopefully by that time I'll have assembled a good chunk of the piece and can set it aside to write. Funny enough, said bride (Hi Bex!) is also a NaNoWriMo author!

For those of you who didn't know and haven't guessed, that's me in the chainmaille dress that I made over there in the right sidebar, titled Berry Queen of Thorns. I created the dress in one manic 10-day period in 2006 for myself to wear to another friend's wedding (Hi Misha and Joe!), which had a costume reception. It was great fun, that reception. Creating the dress was pretty darned fun, too, even if it did pretty much kill any enthusiasm I had for chainmailling. But lately I've been itching to do some more, and Bex's commission comes at a good spot in my life. I have months to complete the project, so if it takes me longer than I anticipate I'll still have lots of time in which to finish. And after that, I have a second commission. Evil Wizard has asked me to make him a tie. How passive-aggressive corporate is THAT.


MommyAmandaK said...

yep, must be crazy! *lol* good luck and have fun in your asylum!

Deborah said...

I remember.....there were rings everywhere.

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