16 September 2008

Ditch the Disposables Challenge: Check in #1

All right. I haven't been quite as successful at this challenge as I initially thought. But no matter, any little bit helps, right? And we still have until the end of October!

I have made a little progress. I've used only cloth for nose blowing and napkins while at home. I haven't actually made any cloth hankies, but they're on my to-do list, which is growing exponentially by the day. I slipped up and used one of my "swiffer" cloths for dusting the other day. Oops. I guess I need to make some dusting cloths for household use. I've also used paper towels, for those messes which are just too yucky to use Delilah's cloth wipes...I'll add utility cloths to my project list. I guess I need to hit up Fabricland for some more flannel. Thank goodness for my Sewing Club card, it'll get me discounts on fabric and notions.

As for the family cloth issue (for the bathroom), I'm in the process of sewing up my cute little #1 cloths (blue flannel with monkeys and pink accents). I sent 2 metres of camo fabric (both are a super soft flannel) home with my Mom to sew. She's way faster than I at this sort of thing. Hopefully I'll finish my #1 cloths today while Delilah naps and will be using them by tonight. We'll see how those go before I switch to using cloth for #2. I figure, even if I reduce paper usage just for #1, that's a huge difference over the course of a year. Think about it, ladies. And cloth MUST be softer than paper, right? Look at all of those toilet paper commercials that try to convince us THEIR paper is as soft as cloth! Why WOULDN'T we use cloth instead of paper? The logistics are easy: I have two 4L ice cream tubs with lids that I'll be placing in the bathroom for the used cloths. Clean cloths will be stacked on the back of the toilet. Once the tubs are full, or we're close to running out of clean cloths, I'll throw the wipes into the washer on hot. An extra rinse with vinegar and lavender essential oil will be used (as usual) instead of fabric softener( fabric softener-liquid or sheets-are BAD, as in toxic and highly flammable). I wish we had a clothes line for outside drying but we don't, so they'll have to go into the dryer. Oh well, the energy used to clean them will be much less than the energy used to make toilet paper, right?

Like I said, every little bit counts.


MommyAmandaK said...

Dryer: you can throw them in the dryer rwith other stuff. They're clean at that point right!

Berry said...

Yes, but if there isn't any other clothes to dry..I guess I could save them to dry with other clothes, and save energy that way.

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