19 September 2008

Berry Berry Quite Contrary - THE BUSINESS...and a CONTEST

I went out this afternoon in order to purchase Delilah a hoodie. After I discovered that a brand new hoodie at Old Navy runs from $14-$17.50, I decided to head on over to WalMart and see what they had. Delilah's friend A (3 days older) has a couple cute ones from there. So we walked on over.

After I picked out two hoodies for the munchkin, we were cruising the aisles looking at all of the ridiculous licensed products (mostly Walt Disney) and bumped into some ladies who were also shopping for a little one. They admired Delilah's black and purple heart leg warmers. I told them that I made them and they asked me for a business card; unfortunately I don't have any at this time.

Then I went to the sock aisle and picked out a new package of 2 knee high socks and ran into a lady shopping for socks. She asked me where I got Delilah's leg warmers; she was looking for a pair for HER baby. When she discovered I made them, she was awestruck.

Seriously, to make these things is so simple it's insane.

So I think I need to make up some business cards for all the crafty baby-type stuff I make. Leg warmers (need a fancy schmancy name for them though), diapers, diaper covers, baby wipes, baby wipe wash, EC supplies (pee pads, baby training pants, bibs, shoes, baby blankets, stuffed animals, etc...


If any of my readers out there in blog land can find a simple black ink (line drawing or whatever) picture to use as a watermark on the card and stationary, I'll give you one free item of your choice.

My business will be called Berry Berry Quite Contrary (obviously), and if you don't know me too well, I am an oddball and like oddball things. For example, on my birthday 2 years ago, I had a pinata filled with candy...and Barbie doll heads. No cutesy baby images please. I don't want something that will scare away potential customers, but an image that will represent my business and personality, all in one.

Contest Rules: applicants must leave a comment indicating their intent to enter and then email me an image in whatever format they want, as long as I can view it: rmaclary(at)gmail.com. Please make sure it is a simple image, one that can be printed in one colour, as a watermark.
Contest will close next Friday (September 26, 2008) at 3 pm EST. I will post a copy of the chosen image and contact the winner by email so he/she can select the prize. Original drawings would be awesome. If it is a licenced image, please include with the image the contact info for the artist so I can procure permission to reproduce it.

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