02 September 2008

EC Update

Yesterday I caught 4 pees and a poop-wow, that one was a surprise, but completely by accident so I can't really take credit for that one.

Today we got up at 8 AM and I immediately gave Delilah a potty opportunity (some say pottytunity but that's just a little too cutesy for me) but I think she had gone before her morning snack. I offered her another potty 20 minutes later and off and away, that started an awesome trend for today! So far I've caught all of her pees but one (and that was my fault, she was on my lap and I ignored her squirming so I got wet), and a poop! Woo hoo! We went outside and I had her in the carrier so I put a diaper on her, but pottied her before and after and she was dry the entire time we were outside (over an hour) and peed as soon as we came back in. I've noticed she usually pees at every opportunity I give her as long as they're spaced every 15-20 minutes or so.

Some people might think I'm crazy or whatever but so far it's been pretty rewarding. It's a neat feeling, to say "sssss" while holding Delilah over a pot and then seeing her pee a few seconds later. And no wet diapers! This DOES work!


Stacy Raszga said...

I think this is really a great thing to be doing. I think it's ridiculous when kids aren't potty trained by the time they're three. Watch...just because I said that, my kids are going to be like, five. (knock on wood that doesn't happen!)

Berry said...

The nice thing about this is, she'll never learn that her diaper is a toilet. So there won't BE any "toilet training"..it always bugged me that people would teach their kids to crap/pee in their pants and then have to UNteach them, why not start from the beginning and have them pee in a potty? Makes sense to me!

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