15 January 2010


Ok. I have gone completely nuts. This Tuesday past, I went to a Fresh Meat practice for the Forest City Derby Girls. I skated (forward and backward), I did derby moves, I fell (just once). I wore a bike helment while everyone else work skate helmets (haha). I was terrified, and exhilarated, the entire time.

I had no idea what to wear (other than "dress warm", I had no other instruction), so I just wore a t shirt and a hoodie, yoga pants and underneath that, some cool-ass leg warmers. I wanted to break out the fishnet but didn't wanna stand out too much that first day, you know? I mean, come on...everyone who knows me knows any chance I get to wear the goth stuff, I do, right? I have a whole bag of tights and fishnet everything (shirts, arm sleeves, tights...) just waiting for me. Seriously-not only is the sport awesome, but the clothes rock!

Since then, I have been watching YouTube videos of bouts, instructional videos, and looking up patterns for derby clothes. I've got an idea that involves hot pink/silver stretch denim and black trim being turned into a mini pleated skirt to go over leggings or tights and legwarmers or socks. I've got my top-three picks for my derby name, and just have to decide which one I want.


For anyone who needs an explanation as to what roller derby is, click HERE.

Berry out.

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Necessity is the mother of invention..........................

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