27 January 2010

Insanity Workout Review-Day 3 Cardio Power and Resistance

Wooh! Day 3 complete!

When I woke up this morning my calves were SO stiff and tired, I could barely go down the stairs. It took me twice as long to get downstairs! And before I even got up, I was laying in bed and thinking about having to do another workout today. Craziness!

Today was the Cardio Power and Resistance workout. I found it to be challenging, but my heart rate didn't get as high as with yesterday's workout (Plyo Cardio Circuit). So that was kind of disappointing, but I suppose that I can control that-I just have to work harder next time. I did change a few of the exercises due to my own limitations-space, for one. I can't do the globe jumps as I only have about 4 square feet in which to do my workout, and the ceiling fan really gets in the way. I did squats instead of the globe jumps. And instead of the travelling pushups, I did wall pushups with one foot up off the floor. Floor sprints, I stayed doing wall push ups but added in jogs. So my heart rate was still up, and I still got the shoulder/pec workout.

One thing I thought the workout could have improved upon was the stretch/cooldown at the end. Although we did a lot of jumping, which really works the calves, he did very little calf stretching, in my opinion. We also did little shoulder and chest stretching. I added in some calf, shoulder, and chest stretches at the end.

Last night I figured out the Harris Benedict equation for number of calories required in a day to maintain my weight as it is, with the level of activity I am doing right now. Apparently (adding in 500 calories per day for nursing), I should be consuming 2711 calories per day just to stay at 143 pounds. Craziness. I don't think I could do that. BUT in order to lose weight you also need to eat ENOUGH calories...according to this equation, you subtract 500-800 (never more than 1000 or you go into the starvation mode) and that is how many calories per day that I need to eat to lose weight. That means I need to consume between 1911 and 2211 a day. That sounds crazy, but there you have it. We'll see--Mondays are my weigh-in days. Of course, those caloric requirements will change as my weight drops.

For anyone interested in finding out their own caloric requirements, here is a link.

Oh-and if you're wondering how roller derby practice went last night....it was rough at first, let me tell you. I felt like my inner thighs and quads were completely fatigued and I just didn't have the strength to do the knee dips and slides properly. So I will wait and see how the soreness goes for the rest of the week and might just do the "warm up" portion of the workout on practice nights.

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