29 January 2010

Insanity Workout Review-Week 1 Day 5 Pure Cardio

I've just finished Week 1 Day 5-Pure Cardio. My hands are shaking. After the workout was completed but before the stretching/cool down with Shaun T, I walked in place for a couple minutes to do some additional cool down. Then I did the stretch and then an additional calf stretch and then a 12 minute Pilates Abs workout. After all the nerves I had since watching the video yesterday, I must admit that it wasn't AS bad as I thought it would be-but it was still pretty bad. There were a few places where I probably COULD have pushed myself harder....but didn't. I kept a few of the exercises a little lower-impact by keeping the range of motion but instead of jumping kept it on the floor. And times when I just got too tired, I simply jogged in place instead of stopping completely. But-I finished the workout! There were a few times when I felt my heartrate was just too high and dropped it down into a jog to be safe. 180 BPM is a little high for my comfort level! In any case, I won't be afraid of Pure Cardio anymore. It's intimidating, yes-but while you're doing it, it works if you just focus on getting through just that one exercise you're doing. Then the next, then the next, and before you know it, Shaun T is saying you're finished! Woo! As an aside, last night I was under in my calories so I enjoyed 3 oreo cookies and a glass (8 oz) of whole organic milk. Yum! I hopped on the scale today. I'm down a pound-in four days. I wasn't expecting a loss this week, as I will be building muscle AND my body will be absorbing water (in shock LOL) so this drop was a surprise-but a welcome one! If I lose 1 pound every 4 days, that will translate to 15 pounds lost. I realize that's not necessarily realistic, but hey - every girl can dream, right? Having said that, I'm not sure I even NEED to lose 15 pounds. 128 pounds is very light for me, given my muscle mass. We'll see!

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