30 December 2008

Saving Money and Watching Less TV

A few weeks ago, Ben called Rogers and cut our cable and internet bill in half. He did this by reducing our cable channels down to channels 1 through 28 and the internet was reduced to "hi-speed lite" (I think, I could be wrong). Although the Rogers person on the phone said these changes would take effect on Dec 22, they only just did yesterday.

So today we have channels up to and including 28, and let me tell you, it sucks. The only saving grace is CityTV, and that's about it. Seriously-Maury Povich at 10AM? I don't think so! Ok, I can still watch Regis and Kelly and the View on channel 12 if I want. But bye bye to Discovery, National Geographic (I heart the Dog Whisperer) and my endless re-runs of CSI and NCIS.

This is a sacrifice that I was willing to make, and although I'm experiencing a bit of a shock at the moment, I keep reminding myself that this is a GOOD thing. Instead of watching soul-sucking television, I'm doing other things. Like working on a cross-stitch Kokopelli that I started 3 years ago in Windsor. And I imagine I'll be working on some other projects, too, when I find the time.

Another bonus of our reduced television access is that Delilah won't be exposed to constant television like some kids. A lot of parents I have seen/heard of use the TV as a babysitter. Not us. I'm going to see how this goes and who knows, maybe we'll cancel cable totally!


Stacy Raszga said...

We don't have cable at all. It's not that bad. We get CTV and sometimes Global. In February though when everything goes digital, we won't have any channels. Oh well. We'll live.

Berry said...

Apparently that date in February (the 17th) is for Americans only. Canadian broadcasting will switch to digital in 2011. So you have a few more years!

Stacy Raszga said...

Really!? Wow...that's actually good news

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