01 January 2009

Ornament Exchange Disappointment

Well, this year was the first year I participated in an Ornament Exchange over on An Island Life and it may be my last. I carefully chose a favourite handmade ornament that I've had for a few years now and mailed it off the first week of December to my assigned partner, Kristina from MamaDivas in New York.

I didn't get one in return.

That's lame.

Talk about either seeing a chance to rip someone off, or, almost as bad, being terminally lazy. I don't care HOW busy you are, if you sign up for an CHRISTMAS ornament exchange, and you have the person's address in plenty of time to get it to them (which she certainly did), then you damn well DO IT! And if time got away from you, and perhaps you're feeling bad because you know you didn't get it to the person in time, you don't just pretend that you haven't completely screwed up and forget the whole mess-you still send the bloody thing!

My last contact with her was December 11, when she responded to my email when I asked her if she had gotten hers. She replied that she hadn't sent it yet but would let me know when she got hers, and when she had mailed mine out. I haven't heard anything since, even though I've sent one asking what has happened.

I'm sure there are valid reasons why someone wouldn't be able to participate, but barring an email letting me know what has happened I will assume I have been let down.

My faith in people has been disappointed, yet again.


kailani said...

I am so sorry for this. I've sent you an email requesting your mailing address. I'd be more than happy to send you something from Hawaii. :-)

Katherine said...

I had a bad swap experience, but then I emailed the person about six months later, and she apologized and finally sent me my swap. So you might want to try again next month. I thought about just dropping it, but I decided I'd try again to re-establish my faith in swap partners, and emailed her again.

Berry said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies.
I've checked out her blog and it seems there hasn't been a post since the first week or so of December. So maybe she's on a break from the computer, maybe something happened, who knows. I will post if I hear something from her.

Thanks for reading!

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