04 December 2008


So. Madame Jean has disappointed me.

During this economic crisis, she has granted Harper's request to prorogue Parliament. Which means, in a nutshell, to suspend Parliament without dissolving it. Why did he want to do that? To grant him time to address the lack of confidence in the House of Parliament. This gives him 6 weeks.

For those not following/understanding the election, what happened was he got called on his bullying ways and all the other parties - ALL of them, grouped together and basically told him they weren 't going to put up with his crap anymore. He had a few options: to resign, call a new election, or prorogue parliament.

The ideal option would have been for him to resign so that all the opposing parties could form a new, allied party and take over. This would have happened if Madame Jean (Governor General) would have denied Harper's request to prorogue Parliament. Instead, she agreed.

This is an issue because it means, during this critical time in our economy there is no Parliament.

Shame, shame on you, Mr Harper.

Edited to add:
For those of you who don't know much about our political system, there is an awesome primer for basic knowledge here. Thanks Stephanie!

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Siana said...

For people like myself who are undereducated on politics, how bad exactly is this?

I have the sneaking suspicion I should be taking out some history books and reading up about the great depression.

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