16 December 2008

25% Off Sale!

Hey everyone out there in blogger land!

The company I represent by going to houses and selling candles and amazing accessories has really done it this time! Last night at the product launch meeting they announced that there will be a 25% off sale on EVERY SINGLE ITEM in the Fall/Holiday (current) catalogue between December 16 and December 31. Seriously.

What does that mean for all you people who know me? And some who don't, feel free to contact me for info if you're interested...

I'm having a "last kick at the can 2008 party" that will be entered on December 22. Should you care to see a catalogue, email or call me. Those who know me know my cell phone number. Those who don't may check out my profile which will tell you my email address.

Not only will you get 25% off everything in the catalogue, but you also have the opportunity to purchase guest specials and can enter into a draw to win one of four hostess specials-I don't need them! PLUS, with every purchase of $50 (before taxes), you get one ticket to be entered in a draw for a $50 gift certificate to be used toward new 2009 product! Not only that, but you will get an extra 3 tickets if you book a show for January or February. (Plus you'll get all sorts of benefits for hosting a show, like a $125-$150 shopping spree, half-off items, and more!)

Happy shopping!

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