12 December 2008

Merry...oh, nevermind.

Chances are good (bad) that tomorrow will be Ben's last day at Ultimate Suzuki. At least until Spring, anyway. Apparently a slow season combined with the current economic slowdown has been an issue with their viability and ability to sustain all of their employees over the winter.

I knew this was coming, since last week when Ben gave me a heads up that it was a possibility. Even BEFORE that, I knew it could happen - it IS the automotive sector, after all. It sucks because Ben really likes that job, and it suits him. It also sucks because this means that we'll be making only 55% of our former income, since I'm still on maternity leave.

Yes, I could go back early (and lose my remaining time off). It would gain us an extra 400 dollars or so a month. Is it worth it? No way. I'll consider it if it comes down to us not being able to pay our bills. Other than that, forget it-Delilah needs me. Sure, Ben would be here, but it's not the same. She's still exclusively breastfed (thank goodness, one less mouth to buy groceries for) and there is no way I'd be able to pump enough to sustain her while I was away at work. Perhaps it's my pump but I just can't get very much-even first thing in the morning. Never mind the fact that it would totally suck if I had to pump at work. I would do it, if it came down to it, but it would suck.

Besides the economic part being pretty crappy, I'm kind of happy. Not that he's laid off and technically unemployed, but because he gets some time off (until he gets a job, anyway) and will get to spend a little more time with Delilah. It will also be nice for Delilah to see more of her Daddy.

Another bonus to Ben being off for a bit is that he'll get to see what MY life is like. Sometimes I think he just doesn't get what it's like to care for an infant 24 hours a day. He certainly doesn't see it as a "job" - not like his, where he has to go to work and do whatever for 8 or 9 hours a day. When he comes home and the dishes aren't done, or he has no clean underwear because I just didn't get around to doing that third load of laundry that day, I think he thinks that I sit around on my ass all day eating bonbons and watching soap operas (reminiscent of Peggy Bundy). Au contraire, my friend, au contraire.

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