13 January 2009

Blog Game: My Favourite "A" Things

Hmm, this is a good one, thanks to Dewey's Treehouse!

My favourite "A" things:

1. Asparagus. Yes, I love asparagus, especially tossed in olive oil and lemon then sprinkled with salt and pepper then grilled on my barbie. Yum.

2. Animals-all kinds

3. Athens - although I haven't been there, I still love it and think it would be amazing to go there!

4. Aurora Borealis, but I haven't seen it in a while

This is harder than I thought!

5. Aardvarks, because they have a cool name.

6. Abbot and Costello

7. Amazon.ca

8. Artichokes! Thanks to my neighbour Susan, who introduced me to steamed artichokes this summer...dipped in butter...mmmm artichokes

9. Absinthe. Thanks Chad.

Well, I think I need to think some more on this.

For those who'd like to participate, your letter is...."P". Have fun.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Popcorn - actually its a food group

poetic justice - 'nuff said

perennials - they make my garden so nice

philosophy - good conversations

pizza - with onions and tomatoes...cheesy goodness

philanthropy - 'the desire to help mankind' you don't have to be rich...

pickles - especially with cheese

peaches - my favourite fruit

purr - the sound I fall asleep to most nights

picnics - on a perfect day with some bread, cheese and wine...

Paul McCartney - my 2nd fav Beatle

puppy breath - and puppy paws and puppy tails and puppy bellies...

ok, that is enough for now....that was fun


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