24 January 2009

Handmade Toys

You may have noticed a new banner at the top centre of my blog.

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There is proposed legislation that will make all handmade toys ILLEGAL in the US (unless they can do a bunch of super-expensive testing) You may think, "I live in Canada! This won't affect me!"

Au contraire, my friends. You see, if these businesses can't sell their product in the US, they'll go OUT of business. Get it? In addition, any of you who may BE a business owner will lose all of your American customers. Not good.

And when I say businesses, I mean all those Etsy shop owners, eBay stores, the micro-businesses that serve small customer bases as well as the larger businesses.

This legislation covers all second-hand items including books, toys, and more. All these items will be junked. And it will be illegal to possess them. See the ramifications?

Go to the link to see how you can help.

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Reven the Wench said...

Holy control already. This goes right up there with Bill C51. Instead of encouraging these kinds of things, we're being yanked to the other extreme. Can't say that I'm too surprised though--- I see North American society as an obsessive, power-tripping corporation. Forget this; I'm moving to New Zealand where they haven't gotten so idiotic. :S

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