30 January 2009

Aloha Friday-What 3 things have you or would like to accomplish today?

1. I talked Ben into washing the few dishes that were on the counter (yay!)

2. I have a child's birthday party to take my nephew to - we will accompany him while they all play mini golf at a local bowling alley. Fun!

3. I'd like to book at least one more candle party for February. It's my last probationary month, and I will be making a bit more in terms of commission plus I will get a ton of bonus things. I'm thinking of adding a huge amount of special items for hostesses who book a party to be held in February - extra half-price items, free gifts and more.

Here's the link to An Island Life where all the other Aloha Friday participants links are.


sues2u2 said...

Well, I wanted to get my son to school (done), & I don't remember the rest! lol

I do have about 3 hours though until I have to pick him up & I'm enjoying the extra time.

janetfaye said...

I am sick with a cold, so I did nothing but rest.

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