07 October 2008

Yule Gift Ideas Part Two

I was thinking last night that many people might not know what to get Delilah, besides clothes..and even then, might not have a clue what to get her. So I've compiled a list of links that may help out. There are even some links and ideas for items for the family in general, not just Delilah.

Click on the grey words (they'll go highlighted if you put the cursor on them) for links to the store/specific item.

Dr Bronner's liquid soaps are great. They are castille soaps, which means they are 100% plant derived. They are completely biodegradeable and safe for the environment and people. You can use them for toothpaste, dish soap, laundry detergent, face wash, and body wash. We use the unscented on Delilah, and have since birth. No chemicals for her! I've included the link (click on the name Dr Bronner's) to the peppermint soap. We'd love a bottle of this to use in our house for everything from hands to dishes. Please note that the company has a $20 minimum purchase rule.

Natural Pod
is a company that makes and sells natural toys and clothing and other items made from safe materials. Toys are cloth and wood, clothing is organic and natural. Great Canadian store! They sell gift certificates.

EC Wear sells split crotch pants. These pants help out with D's potty times since we don't have to pull any pants down to get her onto the potty. The sidebar at left shows all the products they sell; they have organic clothes, legwarmers, and training pants, too!

The EC Store also has these items. In particular we like the T-shirt gowns, Split crotch hemp fleece pants, Snugglewool organic backed lambfleece blanket, the Itsy Bitsy spider babylegs, the Bambu baby utensils made from Bamboo, and more! If you aren't sure what to get they even have their version of gift certificates, the EC Store Dollars!

Fliggity is an amazing store that sells the coolest clothes ever. Check them out!

We'd love stainless steel utensils, bowls, plates etc for Delilah. We're staying away from plastic for obvious reasons. There is also a concern about lead in ceramics and other glass products, so make sure the companyindicates their products are lead-free if you get a porcelain, ceramic, or glass dish or bowl.

As most of you know, I'm making Delilah a lot of her diaper/underwear and bibs and such. I'd love a gift certificate for Wazoodle, an online store out of Markham Ontario that sells material and sewing notions, but I'm unsure if they have them. I do have a wishlist for their products, so email me for it and I will send it to you.

I hope this makes it easier on those who wish to buy Delilah Yule/Christmas gifts. For those who plan on handmaking their gift for her, AWESOME! (just please use non-toxic finishes and such)

Edited to add: a gift certificate from Cheeky Monkey is always welcome! They have two locations now, the old one at Oxford/Adelaide and their new shop on Wellington Street South by Commissioners (in the Listen Up! plaza).

Another idea: a stainless steel sippy cup, a perfect one is called Safe Sippy. It's available at Cheeky Monkey.


Mark said...

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Berry said...

Why no, Mark, I wouldn't think it's spam...but your site recommends all kinds of things that we DON'T want for our daughter. Maybe if you had actually read my blog instead of just searching for the keyword "gift" and posting your advertisement you'd know that. Thanks anyway.

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