21 October 2008

Parylite Candles

I had a Partylite candle party on Saturday. I had a reasonably good turn out and, with a few outside sales, the total sales add up to around 500 bucks. I got several bookings out of that party, too. I still have at least 8 people to whom I have to show the catalogue and talk to about having a party of their own.

"500 dollars", you say, "wowsers!" Yep. Apparently that's an average show. And if I was a normal hostess (will explain later), that would translate into $125 of free product and 2 half price items, as well as all the hostess and guest specials. That's a big incentive to have a good turnout. You host a party, provide snacks and drink, invite a bunch of your friends, family, neighbours, co-workers, and acquaintences, and voila! Free stuff! Can't beat that!

I said "if I was a normal hostess"...well, I'm not. Cuz, you see, I've decided to SELL Partylite. Which means that I will make, on average, just under a thousand dollars a month if I do 6 average shows a month. 900 and some odd dollars, for doing about 20 hours worth of work. I'm not kidding. And the best part? It's on MY schedule, and I'm my own boss. I just have to start the ball rolling and get a couple parties scheduled. I already have 5 booked for November. I have none for October and December yet, and one booked in January. I need 6 per month (October and all of November count as one month for me, since I'm just starting) to make the minimum desired cash.

The reason I don't get those hostess benefits is because I get a 500 dollar startup kit that has a bunch of candles, decor items, candle holders, paperwork, and literature on how to be successful, which is paid for with the first $500 in sales I made. I have NO upfront costs. So when I go to my parties (as the Consultant), I have some items to display, so people can see the amazing stuff we sell. The catalogue is nice but it just doesn't do justice to some of these items.

Any sales above and beyond the $500 are bonus for me, since I'll get free product from those. I will already get at least 2 half price items (since I DID sell $500 in product), plus I can take advantage of all the hostess and guest specials. Woohoo!

Why, you ask, would I want to do this-aside from all the reasons I've already said? Look at it this way: if I can manage to make enough doing this, I get to stay home with Delilah. That's the most important reason I will do this. In addition, I can work whatever hours I like, on the days I like. Most times I'll be able to take Delilah with me, until she's old enough for me to leave her with Ben (when she'll take a sippy cup for milk). I'll get super products for my home (and business) for great prices, and I'll have major support from my unit leader (Christine) and sponsor (Kelly). Great ladies! Plus, Partylite has meetings where you can win stuff, like free product and TRIPS! And discounted products too. Even better, I'll get tax breaks on portions of my townhouse rent (home office), cell phone, home phone (when we get one), gas for the car, car payment (when we get a new one), internet...and any other stuff I use for the business. Because I'll be considered self-employed.

Having said all that, it's not like I won't be doing ANY work..I have to create and upkeep a client base, and the initial parties will have to be generated - which means I might be calling my friends, neighbours, and family to help me get started. I'll have to travel to my shows - next month I have one in Kitchener (thanks Stacy!) and one in Amherstburg (thanks Deborah!). I'll have to go to meetings to keep updated on the product, and keep records and such of everything. I'll have to buy product to use at shows, including little items to use for guest gifts (my idea to thank hostesses and guests for coming), and catalogues and order forms and other business-related products.

I promise to do the best I can to make each party the most beneficial and fun for the hostess. I'll offer free gifts to those invited guests who bring a friend, and a free gift for hostesses for every 10 people who show up at their party.

How can you help? Hostess a party for me. Tell your friends, and invite a ton of people to your party (invite 25-40 and expect 10-15 to show up). Take the catalogue around to friends who can't make your party. Get at least one solid party booked with one of your friends BEFORE the show, so you can take advantage of the hostess specials, and get excited, since it's gonna be FUN!


Jack said...

Hummm... With candles at the dollar store going for a dollar... what is so special about these?

Say... do you carry Bees Wax Candles?

For my money, I'd say you have all the right stuff to be a really great Real Estate Agent and you get most of the same benifts. If you are any good at all, high 5 to 6 figures a year.

Berry said...

Well, it's pretty safe to say that
Partylite candles aren't made in China.
Second, all of their products are vigorously safety and quality tested and are guaranteed. I don't think the dollar store carries that promise. In fact, I'm pretty sure the dollarstore candles still use lead wicks.
Third, they don't have just candles, but sell decor items and such. The candles they DO sell, however, are top quality when it comes to colours and scents and burning cleanly.
Unfortunately I don't think they carry bees wax candles. I'll check, but it is something I could suggest at meetings.

As for real estate...isn't it super expensive to start that?

Jack said...

I wish you great success with your new endeavor.

Yes, the start-up in Real Estate is several thousand for the bunch of coarses you need to take. The first 6 months after you get your licence are tough too. But the earning potential is huge. On average around 5,000 per transaction.

But with our upcoming economic slow down though there will be lots of houses on the market and not so many buyers. :(

Berry said...

Yes, I had heard it was an expensive start up. It's true that in the long run it pays for itself, like most things worth the effort, but only if our housing market doesn't do a nose dive. Can you imagine being a realtor in the
US for example California, etc where commissions are in the tens of thousands, sometimes hundred thousand? Nice. But their ridiculous housing market (what 2 bedroom 1.5 bath house is worth a million dollars, really?) has destroyed their economy, and vice versa.

This is just something I'll do to bring in a little cash with a little work, and it won't be tedious or boring. If I get sick of it, or I don't make enough money, I'll find something else. That's the beauty of it, I could do this AND another part-time from-home job and still have lots of free time. In fact, I DO have another part-time from-home job in the works right now, working for a guy who does DJing and a bunch of other things. The secret is to NOT specialize, but to have a bunch of different things going at once. DIVERSIFY.

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