15 October 2008

Stuff I've Made

See something you like? Something you want? Let me know! More to come (all other bibs are in the washer!) Ok, I know she's cute but you can't have Delilah!
1. Grey, White and Black Star Berry Baby Leg Warmers (with Delilah modelling-she loves hers!)
2. Purple, Black and White Stripes and Hearts Berry Baby Leg Warmers
3. Grey, White and Black Heart Berry Baby Leg Warmers
4. Purple, Grey, Black and White Heart Berry Baby Leg Warmers
5. Betty Boop One Miss Undies (not waterproof) for ECing
6. Fuschia One Miss Undies (waterproof) for ECing
7. Pink and Green Dots Waterproof Bib
8. Red and Black Crocheted Wool Soakers
9. Camo Crocheted Wool Soakers
10. Natural Crocheted Wool Soakers
11. Sock Monkey Crocheted Wool Longies front view
12. Sock Monkey Crocheted Wool Longies back view

I'm working on getting all my stuff up on Etsy but that requires more time than I have right now.

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