08 October 2008


What the heck is this Twitter, anyway?

Are YOU on Twitter?



belinha said...

hello!I used to think as you,what the hell is Twitter?i still do not like it very much but I use it in my blog to tell my readers what am I doing.It's usefull when you have new things you want to share.If you have many followers you can ask a question in Twitter and soon you'll have lots of answers.For example,some time ago we had trouble with fuel in Europe.So everyone was asking questions about fuel-it was easy to get the fuel price all over Europe in Twitter.Some sites of interest publish job offers there and I read it first hand,I do not need to check their site-in this case it works like a feed...Anyway I still do not like T very much...I found your site in Handmade Pledge!

Berry said...

Thanks for posting! I had read about Twitter on other blogs, you know, "Follow me on Twitter" buttons. I am unsure if any of my friends have even heard of it. I am in Canada and I don't think it has caught on as much here.
It's amazing how blogs have opened up the world for me. To have a conversation with someone in Europe (such as yourself) wouldn't have happened before I started my blog and reading others.
I' was just on one of your blogs, (art)snack - LOVE the Mark Ryden piece!
Thanks for visiting!

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