14 April 2010

Molly Monkey #1

After a few days of on and off again sewing, I finally finished the Molly Monkey I was sewing for D's upcoming 2nd birthday. She was really easy and fun to make. The hardest part was choosing the fabrics! I'm not in love with the beret; I might replace it with a bow.

I have another one on the go, too-a black narrow-wale corduroy with grey face. It's all cut out, it's face is embroidered and sewn on. I have to sew the limbs onto the body and stuff it, then she's done, too.

Edited to add: if you like Molly, head over to my Etsy shop and check out the other things I make!


Atasha said...

She's lovely and I love her little outfit with beret. Very stylish!

Visiting from EverythingEtsy :-)

crush. blog said...

adorable. :)

Berry said...


Jingle said...

She is simply wonderful! I just love her!!!

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