24 April 2010

2 years-a retrospective on Delilah

Delilah at 3 days.
Delilah at 1 year and 6 days
Delilah this morning, 1 day shy of 2 years.

Two years ago, on May 9, 2008 at 11:11 AM, Delilah was born, after a long and arduous birth. 9lbs and 4 oz, she was a big baby with a big personality. She took to nursing like a champ, rarely cried, and was an all-around happy baby.

One year ago, my daughter was just walking. She started at 11 months, but really got her confidence about a month later. She used sign language to tell us what she wanted. She used the potty. She had just gotten her dog Harley (and lost Tyler).

She didn't have much hair. She was charming, and smart. She was beautiful.

And she still is. Now she's 2! She's got a little bit more hair, she's a lot taller, and she is just as charming as ever. She doesn't talk much, but has a large American Sign Language vocabulary. She is able to communicate very effectively. She is totally diaper free and has been for almost 2 months. She's about 34 inches tall, weighs 23.5 pounds, and has a skinny little waist. She's got the prettiest dark blue eyes that shift to greyish blue sometimes. I can't believe she's 2 already! It seems like just a few months ago, we were bringing home a newborn.

Happy Birthday, Delilah!

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