04 February 2010

Insanity Workout Review-Week 2 Day 4 Cardio Recovery

I hadn't realized that for the first 3 weeks, Thursdays are Cardio Recovery Day. That's cool. But I feel as though I should be doing cardio-funny, huh? I guess that means that exercise is becoming a habit. That's good.

I must say, though-each day when I'm doing the workout, I think to myself, "maybe I'll just do the warm up today" and then I mentally kick myself in the pants and push myself through the workout. Amazing how that works.

Last night I had a breakthrough. I was having a hard time fighting cravings/night time hunger. Even though I was at my limit for calories, I'd feel like I needed something more. But when I was researching the importance of water, I learned that many people confuse thirst with hunger, and eat when they should be drinking. So yesterday I really focused on getting enough water and after dinner, when I felt "hungry", I drank water. I ended up drinking 10 glasses of water yesterday-that's 2.5 L of water! The best part-I didn't cave to those cravings AND I ended up being closer to my lower range of calories.

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