28 August 2009

MMMM kombucha

Kombucha experiment #2 is a success! We have a good, healthy SCOBY going (about 1/4" thick), forming on the top of the tea. The mother is below it, kind of perpendicular. I am doing a continuous fermentation rather than starting a new batch each time. I think tomorrow I will separate off on of the babies and throw it in a jar with some of the kombucha and some fresh tea/sugar mixture and keep it on the counter, just in case something happens to the big batch. I wouldn't want to lose my kombucha now!

I have done 2 re-batches so far, about every 3 days. I pour off 1.5 litres or so, and put in fresh tea. The kombucha goes straight into a mason jar into the fridge, and when it's chilled we drink a couple ounces at a time. Our bodies are still getting used to it so we don't want to overdo it.

I like the flavour. I was a little scared it would be gross, but it is really good! It still tastes like tea, kind of, but with a little zing to it. Almost apple juicy, almost vinegary, but in a good way. Yum.


Jeff said...

I like it when it's hot out, as a substitute for Ice tea.

Berry said...

I have found that I crave it now! We stopped buying commercial pop and just drink water, milk, and now kombucha. It totally satisfies my pop cravings.
I took a couple weeks to build up the amount I drink now, and I still only drink about 2 glasses worth a day, maybe less.
I didn't want to overdo it. Have you read anything that says you can drink TOO much?

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