03 August 2009

Health Update

Many people who actually know me will know that I had a bout with extremely high blood pressure at the end of my pregnancy and for months afterward (the high BP is what caused my transfer to hospital to give birth). It got high enough after I had D that my midwife worried about stroke. I was forced to go onto blood pressure medication for about 2 months after having Delilah just to control it, and even then, it was high normal. I was weaned off of the meds but continued to monitor myself.

I hadn't tested my numbers in the last month or so. Today while grocery shopping I realized that the No Frills has a blood pressure machine, so I sat down in the chair...and wondered. First reading was 129/78. I figured, "huh, I've been walking around pushing a cart for the last 20 minutes, and this here sheet says to wait 5 minutes while sitting quietly before taking a reading" so...I tested again. Result: 117/78. Awesome.

I don't think my blood pressure has been this low in YEARS. I always struggled with it, even before I got pregnant. It got to the point where my doctor threatened to take me off my birth control pills.

I wonder...could the lowered blood pressure be related to the milk?? I'm still dropping weight and haven't really changed anything other than drinking the real milk. Maybe my blood pressure has gone down BECAUSE I've lost weight. But no, that doesn't really make sense either, because my BP was high before when I weighed under 145. hmmmm.

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