28 August 2009

Careers and Destiny

Way back in another life, I was a police officer. That news may surprise some people. But it is true.

A couple neighbours recently found out I was a cop in another life and have taken it upon themselves to convince me that I should go back to it. At first I was resistant. There's only so much rejection a person can take, ya know? I left Guelph under a cloud-accused of doing things I hadn't done...messy.

In any case, 5 years have gone by. I still miss the job, the duty, the obligation...the politics part still ticks me off, but I think I can manage that part better. I miss the other parts enough that I think I could balance out the undesirable part...

I have initiated contact with a few people I used to work with. I hope to get a couple letters of recommendation from former co-workers and approach London's HR person. Wish me luck!


MommyAmandaK said...

Really! If youre serious, Ill back you up. The steady income would be great huh!

Berry said...

It's not so much the income...I just miss it.

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