09 February 2009

Time Goes On

I'm sitting on the couch, writing this entry on my laptop. Ben is asleep in the Ikea chair and D is asleep beside me on the couch. It's 1:40 in the afternoon. Why aren't I napping, too? I must be silly.

It has struck me especially hard in the last few days, how quickly time has passed since D was born. The first few months seemed to drag by, especially since I was so weak/in so much pain, but now I'm all healthy. Every time I turn around it seems that Delilah is one month older. She's nine months old today!

I visited a friend a few days ago - she has a 3 week old baby girl. Ah, the days...now I know why all women who have had children seem to gravitate to infants. It is a lovely stage, seldom appreciated while here and gone so fast. It's a bit of a conflicting feeling I have: I want this part to last forever, but on the other hand, I can't wait for her to grow up, just a little, so I get to hear her talk and sing and play and run around...but that will come. For now, let's just sit back...and watch her sleep.

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