10 February 2009

Do Less in 2009

Taken from my new favourite site, The Idler:

Do Less in 2009

09 January 2009

The way to thrive in 2009 is simply to join the Idler’s Do Less Campaign. It’s simple: you just do less. That means less shopping, less driving, less holidaying, less working, less spending. And more sitting around at home, more reading, chatting and drinking. Doing less is cheap and easy and it’s kind to the environment. The era which privileged the busy high achiever is coming to an end. That system has been found wanting, and there is a new world out there, a world of more fun, more freedom, more time for reflection and contemplation, community and cooking, making and mending. John Calvin - you have so much to answer for.

hmm. Sounds pretty good to me.

This Tom Hodgkinson has some pretty good ideas. His theory on Idle Parenting is spot on, I say.

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