04 November 2008

US Election

First off, I'd like to say: GO OBAMA!!!! He cares about our planet!!

Now, onto business: is anyone else worried?

I am worried that McCain will get in. But this apprehension is due more to the fact that Sarah Palin terrifies me. I mean, come ON, this woman believes that everything in the Bible really happened. She believes the Bible LITERALLY. She got prayed over by a minister so that she'd be protected against witchcraft. Seriously. Um..what happens to all the witches in the States if she becomes Vice President? And what would happen should McCain DIE while in office? That would make HER the President of the United Freaking States. Sarah Palin. President. Dear Lord help us all.

But I also think Obama rocks. He's charismatic, baby. And I don't give a good goddamn that he's a newbie, I think he'll do a great job. And a black President!! Wowsers.

Go Obama!

I have a couple Obama For President pins. I'll be wearing one tomorrow. Put your energies and thoughts towards him winning!

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