08 November 2008

Gift Registry for Delilah

I've had a few people ask me for more specific ideas for Delilah for holiday gifts, so I created a gift registry at Cheeky Monkey in London for her. Givers who would like to buy online can do so, or take an updated list (or check it there) to the store and see items for themselves. There are now two stores for shopping convenience, one in the plaza on the NW corner of Oxford and Adelaide, and one at Wellington Rd South in the Listen Up Plaza just south of Commissioners.

For anyone purchasing clothes, try to get organic, locally made (at least on this continent). She'll be running through her 6-12 sizes quickly, as the arms seem fairly short. She'll need 9-12 month sizes and 12-18 month soon.

You can either click the banner above this post featuring Cheeky Monkey's logo to go directly to her registry list, or click HERE.

Please make sure you indicate on the list that you've purchased the item, so it isn't duplicated. Gift receipts are appreciated!

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