08 November 2008

First Time For Everything

Tomorrow Ben and I, with Delilah in tow, are off to Kitchener. We'll visit with friends Dan and Stacy and stay over at their place. Hopefully Delilah will be cool with sleeping in a strange place, it will be the first time she's ever slept anywhere other than our bed. Should be interesting.

Sunday, Stacy is hostessing a Partylite show and I will be the consultant. My first. I'm a little nervous, but not too much. I'm more excited than anything...call me weird but I'm looking forward to starting this new part of my life, the part where I get to work (if you want to call it that!) for minimal hours and have fun while doing it. Because of this, I'll be able to stay home with Delilah! Now THAT is awesome.

Last night I was at my sponsor's house and she has lent me some stuff to show. I have some pieces that will knock the socks off of the guests! I'm really excited to show people all the product I have that will make great gifts for others or themselves. I am totally in love with the products I have to show, one of the best reasons for becoming a consultant is that I get to buy everything discounted or get it free!!!

I'm really hoping for Stacy's sake that there is a good turnout. The more people who go to her party, the more sales she will get, and that equals free product and half-price items, as well as great deals. The main reason that people host shows of their own is to get free stuff. It's that easy. Invite a bunch of people, say, 25-40 (to end up with an attendance around 10-12), provide me a place to do the show, supply some simple snacks (although you don't have to), and let me do the rest! Easy as that. And then reap the rewards. Why don't more people do this!?!

Well, I'm off to bed, I've spent the last hour preparing some notes, thinking about my display, and watching a training video for ideas on presentation. What will likely happen is, I'll be all prepared and then end up completely winging it. Which is usually how I do stuff like this, but it always works out in the end.

Wish me luck!

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