07 December 2009

Keeping Busy

Well, it appears winter weather has decided to arrive. Strange, to have a November with practically no snow! The flakes are just drifting down here, slowly but steadily. Apparently we have a storm watch for Tuesday night. Woohoo!

Things have been busy on the workfront. I've had several commissions for handcrafted items (wristwarmers, berets, scarves, and keychains, etc). Those are all finished for now but I'm looking to get a few more before Christmas-so if you need a unique stocking stuffer or small gift idea, contact me.

Thursday, I have an estimate for a housecleaning job. It's in London, which will suck for winter driving, but I am looking to get one or two locally as well, for some extra cash. Ben's business is doing REALLY well lately and it's improving all the time. In addition to that, he is currently at an interview for a parts/service position at a newer dealership. Fingers crossed! **Edited to add: Ben came home and less than an hour later, got the call-he starts Wednesday morning!

My training has been going well. I'm amazed at how quickly my body became used to running again. The first few runs, I had to walk several times. But now, I generally run the entire way and walk only to cool down. That's on the 2.5km runs. I haven't done any longer runs yet, as I'm easing my way into it. I've been running 3 times a week. I had to skip yesterday, because I walked downtown on Saturday for my Mom (to the liquor store for a Bailey's special 40 oz with mug) and got a HUGE blister on my left heel-from the Doc's I've had SINCE I WAS 14!!! I couldn't believe it! By the time I got home, it had broken and was oozing sebum. Not pleasant. So now I'm letting it heal a bit more before I go running. I should be able to go tomorrow. I've also been doing pushups and situps after my runs. A friend has a home gym and has said I can use it whenever I want-it's just the issue of me getting over there to do it!

I have an information meeting scheduled with the OPP on December 15th. I'll find out then what is required of me for application, and to see what's what. I'm nervous, but looking forward to getting there and meeting the recruiter.

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MommyAmandaK said...

Yay! Sounds like you've been working hard! Glad Ben's interview panned out to a job! Yule/Christmas will be small here too, but that makes it all the more special! :)

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