29 November 2009


So. I haven't been on the blog lately, and hadn't realized that I have my very own troll who has nothing better to do than to read and presume to know something about my life-and then pass judgement.
This person obviously isn't aware that her identity is readily available (as if I didn't know who it was already) to anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of internet and computer technology.

This blog is written for family members and friends, and for people with similar interests in health, craft, or lifestyle. It's not for negative judgemental assholes who have such pitiful and pathetic lives that they need to trash talk other people.

So-if your only intent is to come here and judge me or my family, then you can screw right off. I am doing what is best for my daughter and my family at this point in our lives. My decisions and actions are of no concern of yours, and perhaps you should concentrate on your own messed up family life instead of mine.

Oh, and comments are now on moderation.

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