16 April 2009

Too Late To Change My Mind

I have resigned from my position at work. Given all the circumstances and the issue of childcare and everything that goes with it, we decided it was best if I stayed home with Delilah. It seems foolish (at best) in this economy to give up a good paying, good job, but I don't feel I have any other option. I never wanted to go back, but towards the end it appeared Ben was going to be out of work still, so I had resigned myself to going back at least part time for the first month or so. Then the very DAY that I was at work, a lady from Hully Gully called and said they needed Ben there. (Hully Gully is owned by same family as Ultimate Suzuki.)

I was actually, literally, IN my boss's office when I got the message to call Ben. Thinking something was wrong, I called him back and that's when he told me he was going back to work. Gah. I had just told my boss I was coming back. Too bad you can't rewind your day, just a bit.

In any case, I need income and I've decided to start an all-natural, environmentally responsible cleaning company. It will be called Earth-Friendly Maid Service. I'm looking for some business - tell your friends-if they mention my blog I'll give them a discount off their first clean.

Reduce the toxins in your home-hire Earth-Friendly Maid Service today!

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