30 March 2010

Projects in Progress

So as I mentioned, I am currently working on a large commission which involves (at least) 4 dresses and a boy's bow tie. I've finished one dress and am almost done the 2nd. Here are some in-progress photos.

The yellow dress was the first dress to be sewn up. It actually has halter ties-it's not strapless. ;)

The seafoam green dress is almost done now, all that is left is finishing the inside side seams to prevent fraying, and the bottom hem-I'll be adding vintage hand-sewn lace embroidery. I plan on taking about 4 inches off the bottom to allow room for the lace so it doesn't drag on the floor. And some buttons at the top for embellishment. It should be awesome when it's done-not bad considering I didn't use a commercial pattern! And the sleeves turned out PERFECTLY! Whew!

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