29 June 2009

Fitness Challenge Update

Today was the cut off date for the weight loss challenge I entered into with some friends. In speaking with the other original participant, we decided to extend the challenge to the end of August. We both felt that we hadn't worked as hard as we could have and wish to continue.

I haven't yet told the other participant (I'm sure she'll find out if she reads this today). I think she'll be happy for the extension.

As for weight loss, I gave up measuring myself on a weekly basis because it seemed to discourage me. I haven't seen that much of a loss, but I AM able to wear a lot of things that I couldn't before, so I must be losing.

The biggest difference has come in the last month or so, when I started cleaning my weekly house. It's not a LOT of exercise, but it got me off my butt one day a week, and made me feel good about doing something. Then Amanda gave me a stroller to try (then buy) last weekend and since Monday, Delilah and Harley and I have gone for a walk every day. Sometimes we go for two.

Originally we would walk to the dog park and back, but last week when it got SO hot, it was just too hot for Harley to walk there then play then walk home again. So I decided that we would just walk in the park. It's quite nice, with beautiful paved paths that meander along the river, in and out of shade. There are benches along the way, and bathrooms in case you need them. There are always other people out on the trails: walking, biking, rollerblading, and running. Most of them are friendly and I've even struck up a conversation or two with random strangers (usually over their dog or baby).

Now that we have the stroller, it's easier for me to get out and exercise. I think next time we go I will take my rollerblades and once we get to the park, try them on for size. That's the nice thing about the stroller, it's one of those jogging 3-wheeled ones with a hand brake. It rocks. Thanks Amanda!

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