27 May 2009

Update on Earth-Friendly Maid Service

Hi Everyone.
Thanks for being patient with my lackadaisical posting these last few months. It seems I get into a writing fever for a bit and post almost daily (or multiple times in one day), then I trickle off into nothingness for a few weeks. I apologize and hope everyone can understand that life happens.

Having said that, I'd like to give everyone an update on the cleaning business. Earth-Friendly Maid Service officially has 2 clients; one weekly client and one bi-weekly. I've done two separate one-time cleans and have a bid in for another (which I am hoping will become a regular client). I also have a potential two more estimates to do for relatives of my weekly client. If they both sign up for regular cleans, my weekly client will earn $40 in gift certificates to be used however she wants. Not bad, for simply passing on my name and number, huh?

Anyway, I'm pretty excited. The client I just signed up with today (ok, more like a verbal agreement at this point), saw the car magnets while out and about. Talk about cheap advertising! I am also advertising on Facebook, in a trial period for a week. I set my budget low so it doesn't get too exorbitant, but I'm hoping that I get SOMETHING out of it. If I do, I'll increase my budget for that venue. Apparently there are over 266,000 people in the London area (within 50 miles of London) who use Facebook. Obviously not all of those people will be target clients, but word of mouth has its uses.

My goal is to get one or two more weekly or bi-weekly clients, which I will clean, then I plan on looking into getting employees. I'm sure there is a lot involved with that (taxes, CPP, EI, etc) and I am not really looking forward to that, but I'd like to grow this business into something that, eventually, I can run from home. I'd like to eventually do NONE of the cleaning, and simply run the business. I realize that will take time, effort, and patience, but I am hoping that people will help me out and pass the word! Tell everyone you know about your friend who is starting up a business and needs support! In addition, I will be starting interviews for a part-time employee.

Requirements for an applicant:
-clean criminal record check (yes I will be checking, are you surprised?);
-attention to detail;
-experience with housecleaning preferred, although it is not a requirement;
-access to vehicle;
-flexible schedule;
-willingness to learn new methods of 'earth-friendly' cleaning methods (ENJO, natural cleaners,e tc);
-desire to reduce our impact on our environment by eliminating disposable cleaning products and toxic cleaners; and

I am sure there are other requirements but these are ones I think of immediately. Please pass on the website address to anyone who may need (or knows someone who needs) a maid service. In addition, pass on the word that I will be hiring, and looking for one (and another, eventually) good person to help me represent my company.

Check out the website! I will be updating it soon (tomorrow, likely), with another interesting and informative blog post.


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