08 May 2009

Shirt Dress Sew-Along

Ok. So I followed a tutorial I found online to make a toddler dress out of a dress shirt. I used one of my old dress shirts and found the length was perfect-I wouldn't have to hem the bottom! I traced one of D's current dresses and followed the tutorial from Made. Over on Presser Foot they are doing a sew along this month using the tutorial.

Anyway. Above picture is of the final product. This is what happens when you forget to add seam allowances when tracing an existing piece of clothing. The dress fit her fine except it was too narrow through the shoulders. This fabric had no give-I had to cut it off of her!

Now I know for next time. I am going to the thrift store for some more shirts.


Kelli Ward said...

i am laughing out loud right now. i love it. we all have these kind of sewing moments. thanks for sharing yours. i bet your next one will turn out much better.

dana said...

Sorry the arm area was so tight!
Maybe I need to change the pattern since others have had problems with that area too. Funny picture. But I'm glad you're going to try it out again!

Berry said...

Yes, I do think the arm area was a little tight, considering she's only 12 months-and your pattern is for an older child, I believe?

I will add a half inch all around and then only sew 1/4" seam allowance, see if that helps. Actually, I'll probably add an inch all around.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I recognize the shirt, lol

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