26 August 2008

Just Another Day

Just another day, that's how today feels, although I feel as if it should MEAN something. Today is my birthday: another year on this planet, another circle around the sun. I've managed to get more than halfway through the day without anyone giving me a birthday greeting or gift. It's kind of strange, actually.

Out of curiosity I looked up FamousBirthdays.com and realized I share a birthday with Mother Teresa. Those are some big shoes to fill (metaphorically speaking, as I'm sure she had tiny feet). I'm aware of the controversial issues surrounding her work, but still, she did good things.

Thirty-one years. To a 13 year old, I seem ancient. I remember when I was 13 and I thought to myself that I couldn't imagine being 30, let alone 31. I imagined that, since I couldn't picture myself being 30, that meant I would die before I reached that age. Now I understand it is just one's lack of imagination, having never been that old, that prevented me from being able to picture it. It's the same, I suppose, as me, today, not being able to picture myself being 60. But hopefully I will-and gods willing I'll be happy and healthy.

Happy Birthday to all of the virgos out there, and Happy Unbirthday to everyone else.


Misha said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Berry said...


Madie Belle said...

Thanks for your comment! And happy birthday! :)

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