22 August 2008

Halloween Approaches

Halloween (not to be confused with Samhain), next to Yule, is my most favourite time of year. I love the decorations, the spooky music, the costumes. I've always dressed up for Halloween, even if it was just to hand candy out at my door. Two years ago I took my landlord's 12 year-old daughter Holly and we went out trick or treating. (Nevermind that I was 29 years old!) We ended up with 2 grocery bags full of loot. What fun!

We're in a townhouse community now, with lots of kids in the neighbourhood. Last year we were in an apartment building and didn't hand out any candy so went instead to a drag show of The Wizard of Oz complete with a drag queen impersonation of Cher put on by our building's superintendents. That was pretty...interesting.

This year the emphasis, I'm sure, will be on Delilah. She'll be 5 months old! I've started looking at patterns online, trying to find the perfect costume. I don't want it to be the typical tiny baby costume like a lion or butterfly. I want it to be AMAZING, yet easy to make. I have an idea...it involves autumn leaves and a glue gun, but I think maybe that idea is better saved for when she's a bit bigger...like next year. For now I've got to think of one that will be comfortable for her, warm, and easy to put on. Ideas, anyone?

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