14 August 2010

Earning Money Online

I am sure there are millions of web pages and blogs dedicated to the topic of earning money online.  From content articles to entire web pages, people devote a lot of time, money, and energy to this topic.
 A person who is interested in making money online has thousands of options.  From completing paid surveys to reading articles, to writing e-books, there is a job for someone.  You just have to be willing to work cheap and fast, in some cases, to establish some credibility in your area or niche. 
For those people with administrative skills, there are a lot of transcription jobs available.  For coders, the opportunities are endless.  The same goes for many different skill sets.  You just need to know where to look for work.
 I have found that the best place to find work is on job bidding sites.  There are a few that offer a certain number of bids per month for users with a free account.  They take a certain percentage of your profits.  Other job bidding sites require you pay a base fee each month for membership, but they take less of your earnings.  Lastly, there are a couple bidding sites that are completely free to bid an unlimited amount of jobs each month, but they take up to 15% of your profits.  It's up to you to decide which bidding site(s) you'd rather deal with.
Some common sites  are Elance, vWorker, Guru, and PeoplePerHour. 
Elance - has a basic (free) membership that gives you 10 bids a month.  Elance takes up to 8.75% of each job pay.  Also has 2 additional member levels that you must pay for but those allow you more bids each month and Elance takes a smaller percentage of your profits.
vWorker - free, with unlimited bids per month.  vWorker takes 15% of your profits, with a minimum $3 charge on each job you win.
 Guru - has a free membership level, but the jobs offered to people with free membership, I have found, are few and far between.  So not really worth your time, in my opinion.
PeoplePerHour - based in the UK but people from all over the world post looking for workers (and jobs). Free membership, and PPH takes a cut.  (unsure how much, 10% maybe?)

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